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Regulator draws up plans for next-day energy switching

Next-day energy switching is in the pipeline as part of a drive to make it easier for consumers to swap suppliers.

The energy regulator Ofgem is currently consulting on the plans, which would mean customers who request to switch energy suppliers before 5pm would be moved to a new company by the end of the following day.

To find your cheapest deal and see if you can save 100s by switching NOW, use our free Cheap Energy Club.

E.on set to scrap standard variable tariffs for those with smart meters or a ...

E.on has announced it is to scrap its standard variable tariff for many customers from next year, replacing it with a cheaper one-year fix with no exit fees though you'll need to have a smart meter or already be on a fixed tariff to benefit.

The energy firm is the first of the big six providers to act on standard variable tariffs (SVTs) the expensive default energy deals about 66% of households are still on.

From next year if you're on E.on's standard tariff and have or arrange to have a smart meter installed, or if you're on a fixed E.on tariff which comes to an end, you'll automatically be placed on the new one-year fix.

Uber set to lose London licence

Ride-hailing app Uber will not be issued with an operating licence after its current one expires at the end of this month, Transport for London has announced.

Transport for London (TfL) said the firm is "not fit and proper" to operate in the capital due to concerns which have "public safety and security implications". These include its approach to reporting serious criminal offences and how it carries out background checks on its drivers.

The Uber app allows users to book cars using their smartphones, and is available in cities across the UK. Some 3.5 million passengers and 40,000 drivers use the Uber app in London.

Buying an iPhone 8? Here's our round-up of the best deals

Apple's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are now on sale in the UK. Buying a new iPhone is never MoneySaving but if you're determined to get one anyway, buying it in the right way could save you 500 compared with the cost of a standard contract.

Update 5pm Fri 22 Sep: Mobile phone prices can change hourly, particularly after a new handset's launch. These prices were correct as of 5pm Friday we'll be updating this story again on Monday.

Generally the cheapest way to buy a new iPhone is to pay for it outright if you can afford to and then pair it with a cheap Sim-only contract, as buying on a traditional contract from the major mobile networks will tie you in for 24 months and can cost 100s more over the contract's length.

Ryanair agrees to put passengers on other airlines' flights

Ryanair has made a U-turn and agreed to move passengers whose flights it has cancelled onto other airlines if necessary.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has stepped in after Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary said the budget carrier would not pay for passengers to take flights on other airlines, stating that that was not required under EU flight delay law. This comes amid widespread disruption caused by Ryanair cancelling thousands of flights.

The CAA wrote directly to O'Leary on Monday and says it has confirmation Ryanair will use other airlines to help those affected, if required. The regulator has promised to "closely monitor" the situation, and will consider enforcement action if the airline does not comply.

Student gets more birthday freebies than he bargained for

A student MoneySaver has become a viral sensation after getting his food and drinks paid for all evening following a shout-out for birthday freebies.

Nick Matthewman celebrated his 20th birthday at The Bankers Draft Wetherspoon's pub in Sheffield yesterday, as the pub chain was offering 7.5% off all food and drink as part of its 'Tax Equality Day' a campaign to highlight the level of VAT paid by the pub industry.

When they got to the pub, Nick's mate Rory decided to take their money-saving to the next level, asking Twitter users to buy his pal a birthday drink on Wetherspoon's table service app. The app allows users to order food and drink to a specific table in one of the chain's pubs, and pay for it.

Energy costs soar as household bills rise by 2.4%, MSE's Bills Tracker shows

Energy bills are rising at the fastest rate since early 2014 and contributing to a 2.4% increase in a typical household's average bills and expenses, this month's MSE Bills Tracker reveals.

Our tracker, which launched last month, uses data supplied by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to create a picture of the average price changes for household bills across the UK.

Inflation is usually measured by looking at the prices of hundreds of different items, but crucially our tracker cuts most of these out and focuses only on core expenses such as housing costs, energy and insurance expenses which most households have and which typically make up the lion's share of their outgoings.

Challenger bank Tandem to buy Harrods Bank - what it means for you

A challenger bank is set to buy Harrods Bank, in a move which would see existing customers of the luxury store's spin-off moved across to the Tandem brand.

The deal, which will bring about 80 million of capital to app-based bank Tandem, is still awaiting approval from the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, so full details are yet to be announced.

Tandem hit a stumbling block earlier this year when a substantial investment from the company behind House of Fraser was withdrawn, leading to it losing its banking licence. If approved, this new deal would see Tandem gain Harrods' licence. Approval could come in the next couple of months, though there is no set timeline.

Ryanair cancels 100s of flights - your rights

Budget airline Ryanair is cancelling 40 to 50 flights a day over the next six weeks in a bid to improve its punctuality forcing 100,000s of passengers to rearrange their travel plans. Here's a rundown of your rights if you're affected.

Update 3.30pm Wed 20 Sep: This is a developing story here's the latest info we have but we'll be adding to it over the coming days. If you've been affected by a Ryanair flight cancellation, let us know at

Ryanair first announced the disruption last Friday, blaming it on pilots and cabin staff being owed leave and a drop in punctuality to below 80% in the first two weeks of September. The airline says cutting flights will restore punctuality.

Close to paying off your student loan? You can now choose your direct debit d...

Graduates in the final two years of paying off their student debt can now choose the day their monthly loan repayment direct debit is taken from their account.

The Student Loans Company (SLC) writes to graduates (and anyone else paying off a student loan) when they are within 23 months of repaying their debt, inviting them to opt to pay the remainder by monthly direct debit to avoid any risk of them repaying too much.

Up until this point, student loan repayments are taken directly from your salary instead and this remains the case if you don't choose to pay by direct debit. However, because the SLC only receives updates on what students owe from HM Revenue & Customs once a year, 100,000s have ended up repaying too much over the past few years.

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UK Investment Finance Credit - Google News
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Is China Heading for New Financial Crisis? - Morningstar

Is China Heading for New Financial Crisis?
He points to data compiled by the Bank for International Settlements, which shows that the private sector non-financial debt service ratio has risen close to 20%, similar to the levels reached in Europe and the US at the height of their credit bubbles ...

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Why Italy's economy is about to collapse - The Independent

The Independent

Why Italy's economy is about to collapse
The Independent
Once its strength, Italy's smaller enterprises have contracted as a result of low sales, declining profitability and lack of financing. Italy has a current account ... Unlike counterparts in the UK and US, Italian banks have been unwilling or unable to ...

MOVES-Goldman hires investment banker Kamo from Credit Suisse - Yahoo Finance UK

MOVES-Goldman hires investment banker Kamo from Credit Suisse
Yahoo Finance UK
Kamo, who helped lead a new sell-side M&A effort at Credit Suisse, will join the New York-based bank in June, the people said. Kamo will join the Financial Sponsors M&A group and report to global head of sponsors M&A Stephanie Cohen, one of the people ...

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Phone Tracking, Nude Selfie IOUs See Chinese Bare All for Credit - Yahoo Fina...

Yahoo Finance UK

Phone Tracking, Nude Selfie IOUs See Chinese Bare All for Credit
Yahoo Finance UK
"Chinese people have no issue handing over their personal data, giving you their credit card number, giving you their bank account," said GGV Capital's Shanghai-based managing partner Jenny Lee, whose Silicon Valley venture capital firm has invested in ...

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UK insurers seek solid returns in infrastructure - Financial Times

Financial Times

UK insurers seek solid returns in infrastructure
Financial Times
?There are not an awful lot of options for pension funds and insurance companies. Infrastructure credit is the ideal asset to back long-term liabilities?. PIC's investments in the super sewer stretch out as far as 2054 and offer yields of 1 per cent ...

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Credit control platform Satago closes ?4.6m investment -

Credit control platform Satago closes ?4.6m investment
The start-up claims that 1,000 small businesses have signed up to the platform to date and says it is able to finance up to 50,000 per client ? from 500. The funding, which comprises of an initial 3m credit line and an equity investment of 1.6m ...

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Treasuries Tumble as U.K. Polls Curb Demand for Safest Assets - Bloomberg

Financial Post

Treasuries Tumble as U.K. Polls Curb Demand for Safest Assets
The Stoxx Europe 600 Index jumped 3.3 percent at 6:06 a.m. in New York, for a second consecutive gain, with banks, financial-services companies and insurers leading the charge. All major western-European markets climbed, with the U.K.'s benchmark FTSE ...
Markets around the world are surging as polls reveal the tide is turning against BrexitFinancial Post

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Could Britain's exit from European Union be watershed for global economy? - F...


Could Britain's exit from European Union be watershed for global economy?
Some, like outgoing Finnish Finance Minister Alexander Stubb, compare Brexit to the 2008 collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers, which spread financial ruin across the globe. Or, it could be more like Y2K, in which ... Faced with churning ...
Brexit weighs on global marketsThe Sydney Morning Herald

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How Goldman Sachs became embroiled in claims they duped Libyan officials - Da...

Daily Mail

How Goldman Sachs became embroiled in claims they duped Libyan officials
Daily Mail
Tomorrow, this Master of the Universe will be attending an important conference, where a collection of high-powered men in bespoke suits will swap business cards and discuss complex financial transactions. But tonight, it's time to party and the ...

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Brexit could cause total ruin for Britain's banks - Yahoo Finance UK

Yahoo Finance UK

Brexit could cause total ruin for Britain's banks
Yahoo Finance UK
Bernstein also adds that in terms of investment banking, UK banks would get slammed in the event of Brexit. Revenues, it argues, are already dropping, and could fall by as much as 30% in the near term after a Brexit. Mortgage income would also tank ...

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