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Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals

Ashford and St. Peter?s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was formed following the merger of the separate Ashford Hospital and St. Peter?s Hospital NHS Trusts. The Trust manages two sites in Surrey - Ashford Hospital, Ashford and St. Peter?s in Chertsey.

Moving and Handling Policy
The Trust recognises and accepts duties and responsibilities as an employer to provide so far as is reasonably practicable a healthy and safe environment to enable its staff to undertake the moving and handling of people and objects safely.

All employees involved in the moving and handling of people and objects are required to accept responsibility for the implementation of this policy, and must work proactively to reduce the risks that cause musculoskeletal disorders.

This Policy describes how the Trust will comply and maintain compliance with the regulations.

It will ensure that the Trust actively reduces the risk of Injury from the moving and handling of people and objects. Therefore, reducing the Incidence of Musculoskeletal disorders among staff working in clinical and non-clinical areas of the Trust.

You can read the full policy by clicking here.


Moving & Handling Operations

?Moving & Handling Operations? means any transportation or support of a load by direct or indirect human effort. This includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, holding, or moving a load by hand or bodily force. It also includes supporting a load in a static posture by the hands or any other part of the body, e.g. the shoulders. Moving & Handling is also the intentional dropping and the throwing of a load whether into a container or from one person to another.

(The application of human effort for a purpose other than transporting or supporting a load is not a moving & handling operation).


A ?load? is defined as a separate moveable object. This can be a person, animal or inanimate object, but not an implement, tool or machine whilst being used for its intended purpose.


A patient within the context of the Trust can be an in or out patient or deceased patient.


In this context an injury is physical harm, discomfort, pain or disorder from the weight, shape, size, external state and rigidity of a load, or from the movement of its contents.

Hazardous moving and handling

Risks to staff or patients of being injured when undertaking moving and handling.

Reasonably Practicable

Balance of risk against time, effort and resources required to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Useful Links

NHS Choices: Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It is a common problem and is thought to affect millions of people worldwide.

It's not clear exactly how many people are affected, but it's estimated that between 3 and 6 million people in the UK may have some degree of urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence affects both men and women, but it tends to be more common in women overall ... read more

Embarrassing Problems

TWe recognize that the Internet is an ideal means of providing information on a range of personal health matters that some people may initially find hard to discuss. We opted for the phrase 'embarrassing problems' for the site in the spirit of straight talking and for sheer impact. We're not implying that the topics discussed on the site should be viewed as being 'embarrassing' ? quite the reverse, in fact. We hope the information on our site will persuade you that your embarrassing problem is not so embarrassing after all and/or will provide some helpful information. We strongly encourage you to talk to your own doctor or pharmacist about your own health concerns ? the information presented on our website is not intended to replace the face-to-face consultation that we believe to be necessary for the accurate diagnosis of a medical condition and its subsequent management ... read more

The Bladder and Bowel Foundation

The Bladder and Bowel Foundation (B&BF) is the UK wide charity for people with bladder and bowel control problems. B&BF provides information and support services, including a confidential helpline, for anyone affected by these conditions as well as their families, carers and healthcare professionals ... read more

Patients First
Our vision is to be one of the best healthcare Trusts in the country.

One of our key objectives is to achieve the highest possible quality of care and treatment for our patients.

In this section, you can find out more about our care and support services as well as assistance for your visit.

Coming into Hospital

Getting Here

Visiting Times

Choose Well

Support and Facilities


Our Services

Your Feedback

Code of Conduct

Central to our vision is to provide high quality care for everyone. With the recent publication of the second Francis Report looking into the failings in care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, we are once again reminded of the responsibility we carry on behalf of our patients and the importance of working in a values-led, open and safe culture. As you might expect, we have spent time with staff reflecting on the findings of this landmark report, working together to assure ourselves that something on that scale could never happen here. From the Board to the front line we continue to actively encourage, discuss and collect feedback using what we hear to make the right improvements for patients. And with the introduction of the new Friends and Family Test from April, we look forward to having an even richer source of feedback down to ward level.

We have been particularly encouraged with our results from the national patient survey, which show good improvements for the third year running, especially in how patients feel about nursing care. Given that the quality of nursing care has also been in the spotlight following the Francis Report, it is particularly reassuring for our patients and their families to know that our nurses are doing a good job.

We have also been working hard to improve the experience of patients who come to our hospitals as an emergency. With the help of the Department of Health?s Emergency Care Intensive Support Team, we have put in place a number of changes to help the flow of patients through our hospitals. Nationally this winter has seen hospitals up and down the country struggle to maintain the four hour waiting target. Within this context we are particularly encouraged that our performance has improved and that we met this important quality target for most of the financial year.

Andy Field
Chairman Suzanne Rankin
Chief Executive
Passion for Excellence
Resources for Healthcare Providers

The Trust works closely with our local GPs and healthcare teams in the community. We also provide a wide range of regular training courses in our education centres.

In this section, we have links to our GP Resource Centre that contains information about our specialities, referral and contact details, useful forms and the latest service news.

GP Resource Centre


Service Directory

Contact Numbers



Providing the Best Care for the Local Community

Our clinical strategy has focused on developing our clinical services, particularly our emergency pathway and a number of our more specialist services, to make sure we are meeting the needs of our patients and commissioners.

We have done a lot of work with our partners to redesign local health services, creating alternatives to hospital admission, reducing length of stay and emergency admissions.

One of our key priorities was to continue to make improvements to the way we manage our emergency patients, in particular the journey these patients make through our hospitals, from admission (usually via A&E), treatment to final discharge.

The Trust continues to be proactive in developing relationships between partner organisations in North West Surrey ? such as community services (Virgin Care) and Social Services.

Working with our GP Partners

We have continued to develop our relationship with local GPs, particularly in their new commissioning role. Our business development team has regular contact with practices within our catchment area and provides a GP liaison service. The team also provides a hotline for GPs to contact to resolve issues and problems quickly. This continued close contact is enabling the development of new services in a variety of specialities particularly for common conditions.

We also hold regular meetings between our consultants and GPs to help improve communication and resolve issues. We distribute our electronic GP newsletter, GP News? to around 700 practices across our catchment area and beyond, and have improved our service directory to ensure our clinical services are easily accessed by GPs.

Personal Responsibility
At Ashford and St. Peter?s we are proud of the excellent care we provide for our patients and of our role as an important local employer.

We were licenced as a Foundation Trust from December 1st, 2010.

What is a Foundation Trust?

NHS Foundation Trusts are membership organisations and are run differently. All the 3,600 staff of Ashford & St. Peter?s are members of the Foundation Trust and members of the public can become members, too. Currently, there are nearly 11,000 members in total.

Foundation status gives the Trust the opportunity to take control of its own destiny to the benefit of patients, staff and members. Ashford & St. Peter?s is not only my workplace, it is also my local hospital. I need and want it to be the best. Staff Governor

As a NHS Foundation Trust we have greater freedom and scope to provide even better services for our patients and the communities that we serve.

We have greater financial freedom and are now able to keep and invest any money we generate in new services, equipment and buildings.

We are able to look at new commercial initiatives and partnerships to support and develop patient care.

As a NHS Foundation Trust we will continue to build on our 4 values, the ?4 Ps?:

Patients first; Personal responsibility; Passion for excellence; and Pride in our team.

You can find out more about the Foundation Trust process on the Monitor website.

Formal Documentation Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17 Annual Review 2016/17
Becoming a Governor - Information Sheet
Constitution Annex 1 - The Public Constituency Annex 7 - Standing Orders Annex 9 - Further Provisions
Register of Interests of the Council of Governors - February 2018
Register of Members of the Council of Governors - February 2018
Code of Conduct

More documentation can be found on these pages as well as our Trust resource centre.

Creating excellent joined up patient care
About the Trust

Originally established in 1998 from the merger of Ashford and St Peter?s Hospitals, the Trust has been on a long journey of development and improvement to its current position as the largest provider of acute hospital services to Surrey residents, and having become a Foundation Trust in December 2010.

Ashford and St Peter?s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust serves a population of over 410,000 people living in the boroughs of Runnymede, Spelthorne, Woking and parts of Elmbridge, Hounslow, Surrey Heath and beyond. The Trust employs 3,700 individual members of staff and in 2014/15 our turnover for the year was 263 million.

The Trust provides a whole range of services across its two hospital sites in Surrey - Ashford Hospital, situated along the A30 close to the border with Hounslow, and St Peter?s Hospital in Chertsey. The majority of planned care, like day case and orthopaedic surgery and rehabilitation services, is provided at Ashford hospital, with more complex medical and surgical care and emergency services at St Peter?s Hospital.

Our vision and strategy

Our vision ?Creating excellent joined up patient care? captures our ambition to join up care within our hospitals and care into and out of hospital, stressing the need for excellence and putting patients at the centre of everything we do.

This year we revised our Trust strategy and key objectives to deliver this vision, with two over-arching missions:

To develop integrated care for our local population ? working to join up care pathways with primary, community and social care
Deliver high quality specialist services in Surrey ? with our aim to become an Emergency Centre for Surrey

These are underpinned by our four strategic objectives; Best Outcomes; Excellent Experience; Skilled, Motivated Teams; and Top Productivity.

Our Services

We provide the following hospital and community based health services to our catchment population:

Admitted patient care for planned surgery and emergency medicine and surgery
Accident and emergency services
Critical care
Outpatient services, both in the hospitals and across a number of community settings
Community midwifery services

Services are split across our two main hospital sites as follows:

Ashford Hospital Day-case surgery
Stroke and rehabilitation care
Elective orthopaedic surgery
Outpatients (including paediatrics) and diagnostics; X ray, ultrasound, and MRI scans

St Peter?s Hospital Accident and emergency services
Intensive care
Emergency surgical and medical care
Elective and day-case surgery
Orthopaedics (Rowley Bristow unit)
Maternity care
Paediatric services (children?s services)
Neonatal intensive care unit which provides care for acutely ill babies
Outpatients and diagnostics; X ray, ultrasound, CT scans, endoscopy (using cameras to look inside the body) and MRI scans
Pathology services
Paediatric services

We run many specialist clinics in the community - for example at Woking, Weybridge, Walton and Cobham Community Hospitals, at the Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health, Teddington Memorial Hospital and others ? providing more accessible care, closer to where our patients live.

We?ve been busy ?

Over the last year we have:

Treated 25,000 emergency admissions
Admitted 36,000 people for planned inpatient and day case treatment
Seen 94,000 people in our A&E department
Treated over 380,000 patients in our outpatient clinics
Helped deliver over 4,000 babies
Had a turnover of 263m with a financial deficit last year of just under 1million

Mothering Sunday at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Angela Gray, an employee of Morrison?s of Woking, very kindly donated 30 gift bags to neonatal intensive care unit. The gift bags contained pillows, key rings, cotton wool and mittens for mums on the ward over Mothering Sunday. Angela just wanted to say thanks for all the assistance she received herself from NICU for the birth of her children, including Noah who was born last Easter.

Opening of special Daffodil Room at St Peter?s Hospital

On Monday 12th March, the maternity team hosted a special event to officially open the newly refurbished Daffodil Room at St Peter?s Hospital. The room is used for parents experiencing the devastating loss of a baby, through a later miscarriage, termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormalities, stillbirth or neonatal death.

Older People Short Stay Unit shortlisted for prestigious national award

Ashford and St. Peter?s Hospitals Older People Short Stay Unit (OPSSU) & OPSSU team has been shortlisted in the ?Improving value in the care of frail older patients? category of the 2018 HSJ Value Awards.

Mouth Care Matters

Linda Edwards, Mouth Care Matters Lead at Ashford and St Peter?s Hospitals, together with Dentists Dr Alice Jamison and Dr Pavandeep Narwal, recently visited Sayes Court Children?s Centre in Addlestone, to speak to parents about maintaining a healthy mouth for their children.

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Parking Charges

The Pay and Display service is operated by CP Plus and if you have any queries they can be contacted on 020 7431 4001.

Charges for Monday to Sunday are as follows:

Up to 2 hours £2.00
Up to 3 hours £2.50

Up to 4 hours £3.00
Up to 24 hours £5.00
Weekly Permit £10.00
Any vehicle parked without a valid ticket will be clamped, and will face the following penalty charges: Clamp notice £40.00 Clamp release £40.00



NHS Direct

Disabled People A UK Government offering information on a wide range of topics.

Alzheimer's The Alzheimer's Society is the UK's
  • leading care and research charity for people with dementia, their families and careers.

Also take a look at this US site that is a patient's guide to alzheimer's disease

Hearing A BBC page on deafness and hearing problems with links to many other health info pages.

Back Pain A site to help if you have a back pain problem.

  • Diabetes A BBC page on diabetes with links to many other health info pages.

  • Epilepsy A BBC page on epilepsy with links to many other health info pages.

  • Heart British Heart Foundation at the forefront of the fight against heart disease.

  • Snoring A site to help if you have a snoring problem (or sleep with someone with them)

Pregnancy & Childbirth A site to help with pregnancy & childbirth questions.

  • Arthritis A site to help with arthritis questions

  • Poisoning Some information about poisons & contact details for advice.

  • Sight The BNIB web Pages are not for blind people but can help many who have eyesight problems.

  • Stroke A BBC page with lots of info & links relater to strokes.

  • Asthma Info. links & even games about asthma.

  • Pain  A site to help if you have pain.

  • Alcohol Alcohol Concern. Services available to people with alcohol-related problems , information & contact details for advice.

Mental Health The biggest web site on mental health (and mental illness) in the UK

Feed from Health Protection Agency
Protecting Health, Preventing Harm, Preparing for Threats

Health News from Google

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Health location:uk - Google News
Google News

Health campaigner's fury 'after being questioned about skin condition before ...

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Health campaigner's fury 'after being questioned about skin condition before being allowed on easyJet flight'
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A health campaigner who suffers from a chronic skin condition today told of her anger after allegedly being questioned before being allowed to board an easyJet flight. Holly Dillon, 26, from Peckham, said she was returning from a short break in Faro ...

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Nurses warn public services funding cuts risk people's health - Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Nurses warn public services funding cuts risk people's health
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Funding cuts to public services are putting the health of the public at risk, leading nurses have warned. Almost four in 10 nurses have treated patients whose health has been affected by malnutrition or food poverty. And 41% have seen patients with ...
Health inequalities still blighting patients lives, say nursesHerald Scotland
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E-cigarettes: health advocates welcome court action against two manufacturers...

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E-cigarettes: health advocates welcome court action against two manufacturers
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Formaldehyde is classified by the World Health Organisation international agency for cancer research as a Group 1A carcinogen, meaning there is sufficient evidence to show it causes cancer in humans. Acetaldehyde is classified as a Group 2B carcinogen, ...

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Prince William urges fathers to discuss mental health issues with their child...

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Prince William urges fathers to discuss mental health issues with their children
Daily Mail
Prince William has marked his third Father's Day as a parent by encouraging other fathers to discuss mental health issues with their children. The Duke of Cambridge displayed once again that he is a natural with kids as he met with families to discuss ...
Prince William urges fathers to discuss mental health with childrenThe Guardian
Prince William urges fathers to talk to children about mental healthITV News
Prince William Champions Child Mental Health on Father's DayABC News
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Nurse 'groped and performed oral sex on mental health patient' - Evening Stan...

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Nurse 'groped and performed oral sex on mental health patient'
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A nurse faces being struck off after being accused of performing oral sex on a mental health patient in south-east London. Elizabeth Akinbote allegedly made suggestive remarks to the man, placed his hands on her bare breasts, stroked his groin and ...

Pledge your support for Health and Safety Week - SHPonline


Pledge your support for Health and Safety Week
Following the success of Health and Safety Week 2015 where the focus was on occupational health and inspiring organisations to spread the message of the importance of acknowledging issues with health in the workplace, Health & Safety Week 2016 is ...

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Isleworth fire: Patient injured and 20 evacuated after mental health unit bla...

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Isleworth fire: Patient injured and 20 evacuated after mental health unit blaze
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One patient was taken to A&E and scores of others were evacuated after fire broke out a west London mental health unit today. Emergency services were called to the blaze at around 4pm in the Lakeside Mental Health Unit in Isleworth. Two wards of the ...

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Sickle cell disease: Nurses need better training, says health union - BBC News

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Sickle cell disease: Nurses need better training, says health union
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"Two things would make a huge difference to the thousands of people with sickle cell disease. "First, provide more specialist services, and, secondly, provide health care staff with better training about the condition." Throughout his childhood, Stefan ...

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Tributes to a 'brilliant dad' found hanged at mental health unit - Liverpool ...

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Tributes to a 'brilliant dad' found hanged at mental health unit
Liverpool Echo
A teaching assistant 'failed' by the mental health unit where he was found hanged was 'sweet and kind' and a 'brilliant dad' his heartbroken partner said. Helen Milne was speaking after a coroner criticised a series of shortcomings at the Merseycare ...

EU health ministers confront crisis in affordability of medicines - EurActiv


EU health ministers confront crisis in affordability of medicines
Health ministers recognized that in many cases, there was a market failure where patient access to effective and affordable essential medicines is endangered by ?very high and unsustainable price levels, market withdrawal of products that are out-of ...

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Woking Branch Branch Enquiries and Help Line 01483 753651

Day Centre 01483 753650
Fax 01483 773896
Helpline 01483 753651

Achor Pregnancy Counselling Centre
Serving Guildford, Chertsey, Addlestone and Byfleet

Achor Pregnancy Counselling Centre offers a friendly, discreet, relaxed venue for any girl or woman who would like to think through and discuss her options if she finds herself in a crisis pregnancy situation. Our trained advisors will be able to give all our clients time and space to come to an informed decision. If the client continues with the pregnancy we are able to give some advice on benefits and may be able to offer additional practical help.

A free pregnancy testing service with immediate results is available.

We also offer a post abortion support programme for those women who are suffering from emotional trauma following a termination of pregnancy or miscarriage.

Phone Service Monday 10.30 - 13.30
Open Friday 10.00-12.30 in Woking Community Hospital

01483 729108 - 01483 729108
9 Oaks Road, Woking, GU21 6DU

During times that centre is shut the phone is usually diverted to an advisor otherwise there is an answerphone on which to leave your message. We can usually arrange daytime or evening appointments at a convenient time for you at our centre in Oaks Road or you can attend the drop in service at Woking Community Hospital.

All advice and counselling is free and confidential.

Wheelchair Dance Classes

With the help of Dutch instructor Corrie van Hugten, Caroline, Karen & Shirley have set up a wheelchair dance classes in Alfold Hall is on the Surrey / Sussex Border. I don't think it is strictly a charity, but I thought a link here might be a good idea. Just click the blue heading for more details.

Local support group for osteoporosis sufferers

Jocellyn, Maybourne Rise, Mayford, Woking, Surrey, GU22 0SH

01483 773768 -

A local support group for osteoporosis sufferers and meet in the evening on the second Monday of alternate months at Woodham & New Haw Day Centre. Arrange exercise classes and hold other social events.

Arthritis Care Advice and Guidance

Woking Branch
Give support to members of the community. Monthly meetings with a guest speaker, raffle and bring and buy sale, as well as outings to various places.

Achor Pregnancy Counselling Centre

9 Oaks Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6DU

01483 729108 or 07726214268

Achor Pregnancy Counselling Centre is a registered charity which opened in October 2003 to help women and girls facing an unexpected pregnancy or suffering emotional difficulties following an abortion. Achor seeks to offer a caring, compassionate, non-judgemental counselling service, without pressure or bias, to all women in a ‘pregnancy crisis’, that will enable them to make an informed choice concerning their pregnancy and to support and counsel women suffering from emotional trauma or other difficulties following an abortion or miscarriage

We provide free pregnancy testing, free crisis pregnancy counselling and free post abortion counselling.

Mondays 10.30-13.30 9 Oaks Road GU21 6DU (between Pizza Express and the Coign Church), within easy walking distance of Woking town Centre.

Fridays 10.00-12.30 Family Planning Clinic in Woking Community hospital, Heathside Road GU22 7HS

Appointments can be made outside these hours by arrangement

AbilityNet Thames Valley

PO Box 4815 Earley, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1XZ
0800 269545

Anyone who finds using a computer difficult because of a limiting condition can seek help from AbilityNet.

AbilityNet is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.

AllSorts Mental Health Group

Newholme, Woburn Hill, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2QG

01932 848825

AllSorts Mental Health Group is open to anyone interested in mental health services in this part of Surrey. It is a support, information and action group.

There is a monthly Notice about the meetings with information about what is happening in mental health and associated issues.

The meetings have been held monthly since January 2005 at the CornerHouse Mental Health Resource Centre, 2 Courtenay Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 5HQ

B-eat Woking

Corner House, 2 Courtenay Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5HQ

01483 757461

B-eat is the leading organisation providing information, support and help across the United Kingdom for people affected by eating disorders. B-eat Woking is a part of the B-eat self-help network. The group provides a forum where people can meet to share experiences and coping strategies with others in similar situations.

There are two groups, one for those with an eating disorder and another for carers.

The British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society
52 Village Way, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 2LB

01784 255648

The British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society is a national charity that seeks to raise money to fund research into the causes and possible future treatment of people with the genetic eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa. This causes people to lose periferal vision and can lead to severe tunnel vision and blindness. The Woking Branch provides support for sufferers in the West of Surrey. Our activities include meetings where we invite speakers from the National Society or from medical research groups or representatives from SAVI to come and inform the group on progress in research or ways in which sufferer lives can be improved. We also hold social meetings and fundraising activities including collections at local stores to help the National Society fund the research programmes.

British Red Cross

Woking Centre Walton Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5DW

01483 772369


NHS- National Library for Health


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BBC Medical News Video Feed


BBC News - Health
BBC News - Health

Teenagers with HIV: 'Just a little illness'
Missed sleepovers, exam issues, secrets from siblings - the challenges of growing up with HIV.
Chantelle Millward on Orkambi drug for cystic fibrosis patients
MPs are debating a petition calling for all people with cystic fibrosis to be given the life-changing, but very expensive, drug.
'Game changer' treatment for Multiple Sclerosis patients
Louise Willetts says she is completely well following treatment that was originally used on cancer patients.
What does your knee sound like inside?
A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology is developing a stethoscope for your knees.
Living healthily in Qatar: Why's it hard?
In Qatar, over 70% of the population is overweight or obese.
Dorset orchestra forms 'first ensemble of disabled musicians'
The musicians hope to show that disabled people can and should be more involved in classical music.
'I wish I had the confidence to go out without make-up'
Twenty-nine-year-old Tracy has acne, and worries about what people think of her at work.
'You have to present the perfect face online'
Lex has rosacea and says it's hard to be honest about her skin online.
A better way to care for dementia patients
Infrared technology and artificial intelligence offer a better way to take care of dementia patients. It can scan their vital signs 24 hours a day.
'I take 'smart drugs' despite risks'
Leora is a student who takes a 'smart drug' to help her cope with the pressures of university.
Disabled girl's Hoddesdon home adapted by volunteers
A toddler who was born with a hole in her heart has had her home revamped by builders.
Professor Stephen Hawking's greatest wish
The physicist, who has died aged 76, had motor neurone disease.
Corbyn quotes Hawking to May
Jeremy Corbyn quotes the late Prof Hawkins when he asks about finances and staff numbers in the NHS.
The country where more than 70% of people are overweight or obese
Qatar is taking drastic action to help people lose weight and fight diabetes.
Australia fights drug addiction with plane flying lessons
A moment of fear in the air is part of a rehab programme in Australia.

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