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Email from J H Davies.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I write with great alarm at having just learned of a planning application [06-1197] for Chobham Farm on Sandpit Hall Road, Chobham.

I had the privilege of becoming familiar with this property whilst working there on a film production two or three years ago. We learned that the house had been restored, and done so taste and sympathy to it's character and charm. If I remember correctly, parts of it date back to the 15th/16th Century, visually rich with oak beams & floors and of course the split thatched/tiled roof. Parts of the property were so very special, and often unique. I have worked on quite a many period property locations so I think is fair observation. The sentiment was echoed by many of the crew, and particularly the actors, the location manager and the director. We were all in love with it!

Having seen the planning application for a substantial swimming pool extension, along with removal of a tree, I am stunned that there is even progress towards its arguably vulgar success.

I am furthermore amazed to find out that this property is not listed, not in any grade or form.

At the time, one naturally assumed a property such as this is listed. Clearly I do not have your expertise, nor the precise criteria that qualifies or excludes a property from listing status and so I ask of you, with a great degree of urgency, to look into this as it looks as if this perfectly proportioned period country house will lose it's importance, and surely it's magic, forever.
The Surrey Heath planning application number appears as 06-1197. It is very current and by all accounts it seems it may be soon to suffer an approval?


J H Davies




Email from Dan Marshall

Hi there

I’m working on a major new prime-time series for Channel 4 about what it’s like to get the builders in, and we’re looking for people in your area who might be interested in taking part. I’d be really grateful if you might be able to run an article or editorial to help us let your readers know about the series.

The series is about the problems that often arise on domestic building projects as a result of a breakdown in communication with the builders, over-running projects and general stress! We’re looking for homeowners who have run into problems with their current building project, who need some help to get it back on track. We will offer the services (for free) of an industry expert to work with the homeowners and the builders to help resolve any problems.

If any of your readers are interested in finding out more about the series, they can get in touch with me directly at or 0207 907 0894.

I’ve included our poster below which has a little more info, but if there’s anything else you’d need to know in order to run something, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Anything you can do to help out would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Dan Marshall


-- Are they raising your stress levels?

-- Building work running over budget and over time?

-- Is more tea being drunk than work being done?

Home improvements can be a tricky, trying time for home owners, especially if communication with the builders breaks down and building work overruns.

Channel 4 Television is producing a major new series on how to make the experience a happier one and get the job done on time. We will offer the services of a leading industry expert to give you his advice – free of charge - to help get the work back on track.

If you or anyone you know have building work that they’re experiencing trouble with please email or call 0207 907 0894.

dan marshall

betty/the heal's building

8, alfred mews

w1t 7aa

t: 0207 907 0894

f: 0207 290 0679