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Robert Aston sent an Email to The Woking Local, to tell us about . It is a web service linked to the travel agents that he & seven others set up when they were all made redundant in november 2005 when Phileas Fogg Travel went bankrupt.

This is what he had to say.


we are a travel agents in ash vale called we are based in ash vale village near ash vale furnishings and we are about to open a brand new travel shop next door to our original shop and looking to recruit up to a dozen new members of staff over the next few weeks.

briefly... we set up a travel agency specialising in dynamic packaging to popular european destinations at the end of december last year in a derelict shop in ash vale... we painted and decorated it all ourselves (there are 8 of us) on a tight budget in a huge rush to get started before we all starved!!! we went live on 28/12/05 and now 1 year on we have aquired the derelict shop next door and had it all professionally kitted out (not on such a tight budget now!!) and we will be opening the shop officially next monday.

we also have a brand new website going live any day now which will allow people to dynamically package their own holidays online.

we were just wondering if this would be a news worthy feature to you as it is a bit of a local success story so far... we have regenerated the two shops now from a derelict state brightening up the area and bringing business to ash vale as well as now looking to bring about a dozen potentially well paid sales jobs to the area.

I asked him for a bit more information & some photoes. He sent this.

We have a photo of us all when we opened the first office last year on our website and I have some photos of the new office when we first aquired the property and took some more as we made progress with the decorating...

The 8 of us all used to work at Phileas Fogg Travel, some of us in Farnborough and some in Bracknell offices and we were all made redundant in november 2005 when Phileas went bankrupt. The 8 of us were managers and supervisors of different sectors of the business and we all got together immediately, had a whip-round getting as much money together as we could and got this business up and running in ash vale by the end of december.

We specialize in dynamic packaging and we are an independant agent fully bonded by ABTA so we can use any operator therefore being able to offer completely impartial advice on people's holiday requirements and we are not guided in any way to book with any particular operator.

We have a brand new website that we have heavily invested in and been building for the last 5 months that can search every operator, mix and match flights and hotels with different operators finding the cheapest rates, discounting them by 5-10%, packaging them all together and making them bookable as a new holiday online!!

Thanks Robert


Send us the photoes ASAP !!